HS-15i SpO2 Module with Isolation

  • material quality: PCBA
  • application: Suitable for high-end patient monitor, ventilators, anesthesia machine, vital signs monitor

HS-15i OEM module is designed based on Simeng AFMA algorithm and has excellent anti interference and anti motion performance, as well as good anti environmental light performance. 

It can be used outdoors or in places with strong light, such as baby incubators and blue light.

Comply with blood oxygen standard YY 0784 2010, ISO80601-2-61 2011


Comply with medical electrical isolation requirements, isolation voltage>4000V

Support adult/pediatric/neonate mode

Strong anti motion performance, weak perfusion application, good anti environmental light performance

Suitable for high-end multi-parameter monitors, ventilators, anesthesia machines, etc.


Measurement range: 1%~100%

Resolution: 1%

Accuracy:70%~100% ±2%

              <70% undefined


Measurement range: 25bpm~300bpm

Resolution: 1bpm