Patient Monitor

  • material quality: PCBA,Plastic
  • application: Multi parameter monitors, portable monitors, defibrillation monitors, etc


Basic 5 parameters to meet basic monitoring needs

Professional medical algorithm, with excellent anti weak perfusion and anti motion interference performance, supporting adult/pediatric/neonatal mode

Humanized operation and interface design, 12.1 inch widescreen design, function soft key design and shuttle knob make the operation more efficient

Safe and reliable, with a complete alarm system

Based on budget and quality, providing cost-effective core basic monitoring solutions


Optional end-tidal carbon dioxide EtCO2, dual invasive IBP parameters

Optional 48mm thermal recorder

Optional resistive touch screen

Customized ODM transport monitor

Other customized requirements



ECG Lead     3 Lead: RA、 LA、 LL、 I、 II、 III

                      5 Lead: I、 II、 III、 aVR、 aVL、 aVF、 V

Intelligent Lead Off        Support 

Mode           Monitor mode, Surgery mode, Diagnostic mode

ECG Measurement Range               Adult(15~300bpm)



Accuracy       ±1% or ±1bpm, take the maximum

PACE Pulse Marker Range     ±2 to ±700 mV

                                                Width:  0.1~2ms 

PVC Detection

Range     Adult    0~300bpm

               Pediatric/Neonate.  0~350bpm

               Resolution    1bpm

Arrhythmia Detection Support    16 kinds of arrhythmia detection 

ST segment analysis       Range    -2.0mV ~ 2.0mV

                                        Resolution.  0.01mV

Auxiliary Output Support    sync pulse, analog output


Measurement Range  Adult       Systolic 40~280mmHg   Diastolic10~220mmHg     Mean 20~240mmHg

                                   Pediatric  Systolic 40~220mmHg   Diastolic 10~160mmHg    Mean 20~170mmHg

                                   Neonate.  Systolic 0~135mmHg     Diastolic 10~100mmHg    Mean 20~110mmHg

Accuracy     maximum mean difference       ±5mmHg

                    maximum standard deviation   8mmHg

Static Pressure Range     0~300mmHg 

Measurement Deviation   ±3mmHg

Measurement Mode         Manual,Automatic,Continuous 

Intelligent PreInflation Mode     Support


Measurement Range     Adult 0~120rpm 

                                      Pediatric/Neonate 1~150rpm 

Accuracy ±2rpm

Resolution 1rpm


Measurement Range   1~100%



PI           0.02%~20%


Channel Data       Dual-channel temperature, the probe supports YSI-10K, YSI-2.252K

Continuous Response Time        ≤ 30 seconds

Measurement Range      0~50° 

Accuracy ±0.1°


Measurement Range  25bpm~300bpm

Other Parameters

Power Supply: 100~240v AC 50/60Hz

Lithium Battery: 2200mAh(Maximum charging time 6h)

Power: 60W

Size & Weight: 12.1 inch(306*287*172mm) 3.4Kg

Internet:Standard RJ45 network port